Welcome to My Korea Cab

 Enjoy your trip through our safe driving and language service 

  • My Korea Cab is newly formed team of My Korea Cab drivers dedicated to upgrading Seoul’s taxi services to a level that bring it world-wide recognition.
  • My Korea Cab is the only official foreign language taxi service supported by the Seoul Metropolitan Government.
  • My Korea Cab values our customers’ business and we recognize the importance of establishing professional and trustworthy relationships with our customers.
  • My Korea Cab realizes the importance of communication skills so we provide our drivers with opportunities to study and improve their English,Chinese or Japanese speaking skills
  • My Korea Cab drivers have been thoroughly trained, with years of professional experience and are very familiar with Seoul and all then points of interest in and around Seoul.
  • My Korea Cab drivers are ready to provide such services as Meet & Greet and Drop-off services at major airports, Inner City Packaged Tours and Hourly Services that support each client’s individual itinerary for business or touring.
  • My Korea Cab is the perfect travel guide for people who travel to Seoul frequently. Our intent is to provide a team of professional drivers who become a familiar and comfortable component of each Seoul visit.

Vehicle Type

Medium taxi

5-seater (including driver) 1,600~2,000cc / up to 3 passengers / 2~3 luggages

Luxury taxi

5-seater (including driver) 2,700cc ~ / up to 3 passengers / 4 luggages

Large taxi

6 to 9 seater (including driver) 2,000cc ~ / up to 7 passengers / 7 luggages
(Large taxis are intended for passengers traveling with big and heavy luggage)