My Korea Cab

  • 1 Do we have to pay taxi fare in cash?

    No, you don’t. Both cash and card, are possible

  • 2 Cab drivers often refuse to accept wheelchairs. Is it possible to ride with a wheelchair?

    Yes, it is. It doesn’t matter what type or size of wheelchair.

  • 3 Do we have to pay for the cab driver’s meal?

    No, you don’t

  • 4 Do we have to accompany the taxi driver when we are sightseeing?

    No, you don’t

  • 5 What kind of cabs do you have? and how many people can we ride?

    We have three different kind of cabs.
    The first one is the medium taxi for three people and three bags.
    The second one is the luxury taxi for three people and three bags.
    The last one is the van for seven people and seven bags.

  • 6 Is it possible to extend the time of tour?

    Yes, it is

  • 7 Do we have to pay parking fare?

    Yes, you do.

  • 8 What is the soonest we can arrange to have a cab?

    My Korea Cab requires a minimum of three hours’ notice.

  • 9 Can we cancel the reservation when our schedule changes suddenly?

    Yes, you can but you will be charged 20% of the cab fare.