Rate Rules

  • 1 The foreign-language taxi service consists of three kinds of the most reasonable fare systems according to the location of use and the purpose of use.
  • 2 We provide a charter fare system based on hours in the event of long-distance use. (In case departing from the Airports, there will be additional fee for Picking-up.)

Payment Rules

  • 1 “My Korea Cab” accepts most credit cards as a means of payment.
  • 2 The card settlement devices mounted in all the vehicles allow payment by credit card (VISA, MASTER, AMEX, JCB) and T-money. (VISA, MASTER, AMEX, JCB)

Metered Fare

 Airport(Gimpo Airport at Seoul), Business, Daily Life 

Medium Taxi
  • Minimum fare : 4,600KRW (up to 2km)
  • Distance-distance fare : 120KRW / 132m
  • Time-distance fare : 120KRW / 31sec
Luxury/Large Taxis
  • Minimum fare : 6,500KRW (up to 3km)
  • Distance-distance fare : 200KRW / 151m
  • Time-distance fare : 200KRW / 36sec
  • 1 Time-distance fare is applied to travel at speeds lower than 15km/h.
  • 2 The fares from Gimpo Airport to the downtown Seoul are metered. Taximeter fare systems are used for the distance from Gimpo Int’l Airport and inside the Seoul area.

Airport zone Flat fares

 Airport (Incheon International Airport at Seoul) 

Destination Hotel Fare
Gangseo Mayfield etc. Medium Taxi : 65,000KRW
Luxury/Large Taxis : 90,000KRW
Destination Hotel Fare
Yangcheon, Guro, Yeongdeungpo,
Mapo, Eunpyeong, Seodaemun
Grand Hilton, Lexington, Premier Seoul Garden,
Courtyard by Marriott Timesquare etc.
Medium Taxi : 70,000KRW
Luxury/Large Taxis : 100,000KRW
Destination Hotel Fare
Geumcheon, Gwanak, Dongjak,
Yongsan, Jung-gu, Jongno
Lotte, Shilla, Westin Chosun,
The Plaza, Grand Hyatt, Millennium Hilton,
Grand Ambassador, President, Koreana, Sejong etc.
Medium Taxi : 80,000KRW
Luxury/Large Taxis : 110,000KRW
Destination Hotel Fare
Seocho, Gangnam, Seongdong,
Dongdaemun, Seongbuk, Gangbuk
JW Marriott, JW Marriott Dongdaemun,
Grand Intercontinental, COEX Inter continental,
Le Merdian, Park Hyatt, Imperial Palace, Belle-Essence etc.
Medium Taxi : 85,000KRW
Luxury/Large Taxis : 120,000KRW
Destination Hotel Fare
Songpa, Gangdong, Gwangjin,
Jungnang, Nowon, Dobong
Grand Walkerhill, Lotte Hotel World, Signiel etc. Medium Taxi : 90,000KRW
Luxury/Large Taxis : 130,000KRW

Hourly Hired Taxi Fare

 Toll gate fees will be charged to the customer. 

Time Fare Luxury, Large Taxi
3 hours Contact Us Contact Us
5 hours Contact Us Contact Us
8 hours Contact Us Contact Us
10 hours Contact Us Contact Us
12 hours Contact Us Contact Us