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Seoul City Tour

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Business Tour

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Half day tour and tour for transfer passengers

Course A

Hotel(Airport)Gyeongbok palaceInsadongN towerHotel(Airport)

Course B

Hotel(Airport)Changdeok palaceHanok villageInsadongHotel(Airport)

Course C(Downtown tour)

Hotel(Airport)HongdeaMyeongdongDongdeamoon marketHotel(Airport)

Course D(Street food and
market tour)

Hotel(Airport)Gwangsang marketDongdeamoon marketNamdeamoon market

Full day tour

Course ESki tour

HotelDeamyeong ski resortHotel

Course FSki tour

HotelYongpyeong ski resortHotel

Course G(Suburban tour)

HotelNami islandThe garden of morning calmPetite FranceHotel

Course H

HotelStrawberry farmRail bikeNami islandThe garden of morning calmHotel

Course I


Course J

Free tour

Course K

Business tour

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Please be careful illegal taxis in Korea.
There is no insurance coverage in case of accidents with these illegal taxis